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Hey, I love your assets pack, it's perfect. I'll definitely buy it for my game. Could you maybe add more assets in the future or make another pack with plants, leaves and logs? And also biome stuff like snow and ice?

If it is possible, you could write to me via Discord :D

Sincerely, Perry

Deleted 3 years ago

Have you purchased the asset?

Deleted 3 years ago

Ooh I see, sorry! It comes in a zip file, depending on what software you have you can sometimes right click the file and unzip it to access the files. You can sometimes double click the file to open it too. I’d suggest winrar but the best thing to do would be to watch a youtube video on how to do that! Good luck pal

Does this include the character? If not where can I purchase it? 

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Hey! The character is from a post over at OGA: HERE The character is free and with the ability to edit. I didn’t want to cheat the original owner out :)

I probably should have added this to the info or removed him from the screenshots. Thank you for pointing it out!

I think it's a good fit for the style so glad you didn't remove him! Might be handy to add it to the info though :)