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A pack of neatly designed pixel art guns. Drawn and packed by my brother.


Derringer, Walther PPK, M206, Five-Seven, Glock 19, H&K USP, SIG P226, Colt 1911, Walther P99, Beretta M9, Colt Peacemaker, Colt 2011, Ruger LCR, Desert Eagle, S&W Model 500


Remington M870 Shorty, Benelli M4, Remington 870, USAS 12, Franchi SPAS 12, Atchisson Assault Shotgun (AA-12), Sawn Off, Miroku MK70


Intratec Tec-9, MAC 10, PP-19 Bizon, H&K MP7A1, H&K MP5k, H&K MP5, Steyr TMP, FN P90, KRISS Vector, H&K UMP, AKS-74U


Giat FAMAS F1, H&K G36C, Imbel FN FAL, IMI Galil, Springfield M14, H&K XM8, Steyr AUG, Colt M4A1, AK47 Type 3, FN SCAR-L, Remington ACR, H&K M416, M14 EBR


Kel-Tec RFB, Dragunov SVD, H&K G3, Remington M24, AWM L115A3, CheyTac M200, Barrett M82, AWM AS50

+42  gun attachments

This pack contains 2 PNG files in a zipped file. 54 guns and 42 weapon attachments. Gun sizes from 22px - 112px~

Purchasing this asset pack gives you the freedom and ability to use all within the pack to your will. It's all yours! No credit needed. I only ask you don't redistribute or claim as your own for greed. Thank you!

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Tagsguns, Pixel Art, Sprites


Buy Now£3.95 GBP or more

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Paypal is not available in Turkey. Is there any other paying optiono?

well too bad theres no paypal in bangladesh..i want this very badly 


good weapons, I'll buy this when the GBP gets cheaper.


Well that may not be too long from now, but how about a discount? ;)

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oh yeah :o thanks man i'll buy tomorrow.


Do you making games? Lol, because it's looking pretty awesome!

Thank you, Losy! Yes we do like making games ;p