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Princess Siobhan is a cute platform adventure game with the aim of creating a simple yet challenging gameplay. I have been creating this game for my partner, Siobhan, and although it is taking longer than to be expected, it has made some amazing progress.

The aim of this Itch.io page is to share updates, screenshots and information with anyone who is interested. It is also the best way to keep things together and compare new and old through gifs and screenshots.



For the past few months (on and off) I have been trying to create a cute, fun, enjoyable, colourful, easy to play platformer game for my wonderful partner, Siobhan. Although life has thrown some blue shells my way, I am back on progress with getting the game created! I wanted a place to share updates, gifs and all sorts of exciting news with not only Siobhan but you too! Yes, you!

There is no release date for the game and many things are subject to change, but here is a list of what is implemented so far. Some of these features may have gifs in the screenshot section!

All suggestions are welcomed and can be placed below in the comment section!

not all sprites are designed by me and will be replaced in due time!

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Looking good! It's coming along nicely!


nice work.