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For the past few months (on and off) I have been trying to create a cute, fun, enjoyable, colourful, easy to play platformer game for my wonderful partner, Siobhan. Although life has thrown some blue shells my way, I am back on progress with getting the game created! I wanted a place to share updates, gifs and all sorts of exciting news with not only Siobhan but you too! Yes, you!

There is no release date for the game and many things are subject to change, but here is a list of what is implemented so far. Some of these features may have gifs in the screenshot section!

  • Customisable 'Siobhan' character with the ability to move side ways, jump, swim and climb ladders;
  • Easy to learn and use controls, good for newbies to gaming;
  • Lots of different block types including platform blocks to jump through, falling blocks, moving platforms, danger blocks such as spikes;
  • Two types of coins to collect, worth 1 gold and 10 gold;
  • One collectable that will be hidden in each level;
  • Hidden walls that you are able to walk through;
  • Darkness when walking through hidden walls and in cave levels;
  • Different type of levels such as basic platform, collect all the dog bones, race the lava, mini-games, more to come;
  • A basic and funny tutorial;
  • An owl companion;
  • Puzzels ranging from easy to mediocre;
  • Monsters to avoid;
  • A checkpoint system if you fall off the map or get 'hurt' by monsters;
  • Beautiful flowers and trees that 'blow in the wind';
  • A functional map screen that shows if the level is complete and if the hidden collectable has been found;
  • One off mini-game levels to earn extra coin;
  • More as you read this to come!

Thank you for popping by, please let me know any ideas you may have! Take good care of yourselves.

not all sprites are designed by me and will be replaced in due time!

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